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Sunday, April 26, 2015
7 Must-Have Power Tools For A Beginner Of Any Woodworking Project

7 Must-Have Power Tools For A Beginner Of Any Woodworking Project

Since woodworking is not a task that takes you only a few minutes or hours to finish up, it requires practical working knowledge about the required tools and skills specific to the project. While a wide variety of tools can be useful for your project, you may not want to spend thousands of dollars on a single project, particularly when it is just the first one. However, you can buy some essential tools which will take care of the most of your project while costing you only a few hundred bucks.
Following is the list of top seven tools which every beginner must have.
A Circular Saw:

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A circular saw can be a more versatile tool than most other handheld power tools when it comes to working with wood. You can certainly take it as a fine tool for your woodworking project rather than a carpentry tool. If you want it to work much like a table saw, you should use it with a clamp-on straight-edge. You can easily cut sheet goods including plywood or fiberboard with medium density. With a tight budget, you will find this tool simply powerful enough to meet your demand.
A Power Drill:
A corded power drill is an inexpensive tool that offers versatile functionalities with efficiency. The cordless counterparts can be good, but they will cost you a lot more than the corded ones. You should be able to choose a suitable drill as you need to understand whether you need a 1/2-inch chuck or a 3/8-inch chuck, a straight or hammer drill, or a keyed or keyless chuck.
A Jigsaw or a Sabre Saw:
It should be the third important tool that will allow you to smoothly cut circular and curved patterns in the stock. If you are just about to getting started with your first project, you should choose to have a jigsaw. With some experience, you can choose a band saw, though. Sure, you will want to get some versatility. So, you can purchase a corded jigsaw that features a convenient blade changing system and orbital action and feels quite good in hand.
A Random Orbital Sander:
With fastened hooks, loops and sanding disks, the random orbital versions work in patterned sanding motions instead of sanding at random. So, you will probably see no sanding marks on your stocks after using a random orbital sander. Palm sanders can also be good and less expensive, but you cannot guarantee that you will find no sanding marks on the stocks.
A Table Saw:
A table saw is perhaps one of the indispensable tools which every woodworking project needs. You have to use it as the centerpiece which will lead you to use and organize all other tools. You must focus on your budget and demands when buying a table saw.
A Compound Miter Saw:
This tool serves nicely when you have it to cut compound angles. Whether you need to get combination cuts or mitered or beveled cuts on each end of a particular piece of stock, you will appreciate the use of a compound miter saw only if you master the way to precisely make the cuts.
A Router:
Today’s routers often come in two styles such as a plunge base and a stationary base. As a beginner, you should choose a stationary base model which will help you perform the most of your tasks. Before buying one, you must ensure that your model comes with variable speed control options and 2-HP because you may need it to get considerably larger cutting bits at certain stages of your project.

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Professional Insights On Selecting The Best Lumber For Your Next Woodworking Projects

Professional Insights On Selecting The Best Lumber For Your Next Woodworking Projects

Woodworking involves a particular set of skills required to work delicately and often manually with organic material in general and some artificial objects in particular. Every woodworking individual gets pinged by a subtle factor that the organic material may act in a way that it has its own way to react upon getting dealt with human actions. It is not always possible to have the wood working in a desired manner. Consequently, a lot of issues may occur with woodworking. So, it is wise to sight down the long axis of each piece of timber, so you can examine it.
Following are some suggestions which may assist woodworkers to spot certain defects so that they can purchase the pieces of stocks which are good for their projects.
Starting with the defects:
To find out the obvious defects, you should examine the four sides of each piece of the stock. After examining thoroughly, you may find some defects which can be the results of infestation of fungus, insects and knots. Other reasons may include growth issues, improper seasoning, poor milling techniques and lightning strikes. Do not avoid the stock just because it has some defects. Remember that some defects like nail holes may work conveniently for you by complementing the finish of your woodworking projects. In case of recycled long-leaf pine timber, you may find some nail holes because nails and screws might have been removed to plane the stock. This is not actually a big defect. However, use your own discretion to buy them.
Figuring out a bow:
After examining the defects, you may find a piece of timber good enough to use. But now is your turn to check for a bow. Examine all four edges of a board. In some cases, a particular edge might have a slight curve which is not much problematic. However, if you find a piece with more than one curve, you should avoid it.
Looking for twists:
While checking bows, you should consider checking to see if there is any twist down the stock’s length. Twists will present you with a very difficult kind of warping which might also affect your entire project.
Checking for crooks:
The growing process of the tree is responsible for crooks on the stocks. Timber with crooks should be avoided, but you do not have to avoid all pieces. You can still choose to buy the pieces which are straight on the sides of crooks because you can cut them into several shorter pieces in order to bypass the crooks.
Checking for cupping:
A cup is typically a kind of warping which cause the board to come with a curve along with its width. Although you can reduce some cupping with a surface planer, it is the nature of the wood that causes the cupping. The milling techniques add to its growth.
Looking for cracks:
The final stage of your examination process should be a check for cracks. Sometimes, the stocks may have cracks which refer to the separation of wood fibers owing to stresses from the seasoning procedure. With knowledgeable efforts, you can cut off the checked ends of your stock pieces and use the remainder.
Saturday, April 25, 2015
Teds Woodworking Is Wise and Interesting

Teds Woodworking Is Wise and Interesting

Interesting Details about Wood Projects

There are so many projects that we can create using wood. There are thousands of ideas that are out there and are just waiting to be put to the test and tried by the next wood lover. When you have a  plan to complete a project, it makes things so much easier to get the work completed and it makes the work that much more fun and engaging. It is in fact highly recommended to not begin a project or wood plan without having your ideas all ready before hand. The reason for that is because working with wood to complete projects does involve much detail and precision.

Teds Woodworking Safety Tips While Working On Projects

When working on wood projects, many tools that are involved can be very dangerous. This is why Teds Woodworking suggests to you that you be well aware of this and that you take all the necessary measures to be sure that nothing bad happens while you are completing your project. Here is a list that will outline steps to take to be safe while completing your projects:

Make sure that there are no pets or animals close to where you are completing your work. This includes a large perimeter around your work space. It might be safe to put your pet in a cage, in the basement or in a locked room where of course your pet or animal is comfortable. Tools that will be lying everywhere while you are working are sure not a safe place for your animal or pet to be.
Teds Woodworking does suggest that only workers of the specific wood project should be able to approach the working area. This is to avoid any accident that may occur while stepping on a nail, tripping over a wire or any accident that may be very dangerous to people who do not have to be at the working scene at all.

While working on a wood project, you should do so in a room or area that is always equipped with the correct lighting. This is to be sure that you see exactly what you are doing.  The incorrect lighting can cause you much harm by having you hit with your hammer on an unwanted place or by having you plug in a wire in the incorrect manner causing very dangerous results.

When signing in for the day, it is very wise to put all your equipment and tools in a safe and secluded place to make sure that no one will be able to have access of them. This is also great to know exactly where you should go when arriving in the morning to get them out and begin a new day of work.
Teds Hardworking recommends with much emphasis to wear a construction hat to protect your head at all times while working on wood projects. The meaning to that is very obvious. We all know how much damage a head injury can cause and we also know that an accident can happen so rapidly. Why not put all the chances on our side and stay safe instead of sorry?

The Beginnings of Teds woodworking

The person behind Teds woodworking is Ted McGrath. He is a successful businessman that has made a wonderful name for himself by creating a guide that includes 16000 plans and projects to complete with the use of wood. These plans are delivered in the most professional manner and they include steps to guide a beginner or a professional woodworker every step of the way in the creation of their wood projects. This guide is amazingly the largest guide to be found in the world. The father of Ted also worked with wood and Ted started out as a beginner knowing absolutely nothing about completing a wood project at all. When his father past away, he then decided that he loved working with wood so much that he wanted to make a career out of this. That is exactly what he did and he took professional courses. He succeeded and that is when he decided that it would be nice to share his knowledge with wood lovers as himself. He remembered exactly how he felt when he started out and was lost in creating a wood project. He did not create Teds woodworking to make money off of innocent people.

What Is Included In Teds woodworking

Included in Teds woodworking is a process of how to create your wood plans or projects in a safe way with a manual that you will follow to walk you through every step and detail that you need to know. Included are Dvd’s, images, videos, CAD programs that cost literally a lot of money to purchase and many, many more interesting material.

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